Stack-on Sentinel 40 Gun Safe: In-Depth Review of 2017

When it comes to storage solutions, Stack-on is usually the first choice to consider. While they started in 1972 with just a few square footage of warehouse, today Stack-on operates with a reputation of manufacturing world’s top class home, office and industrial storage solutions. And while we talk about storage solutions, Stack-on has come up with some amazing gun-storage safe that was instantly loved by the public because of their durability and safety features. Of all these guns safes, the Sentinel 40 Gun Safe turned out to be a choice that took most of the credit. Economical, safe and efficient, the Sentinel 40 Gun Safe is a dream safe for your gun collection.

Stack on Sentinel 40 Gun Safe

Sentinel 40 Gun Safe - Introduction

This piece of beauty has a capacity of holding 36 – 40 standard sized guns, with an extensive combination of efficient safety measures, i.e. waterproof and fireproof. Moreover, it has three optional lock mechanisms, i.e. dial combination, electronic combination or a biometric fingerprint lock (available in upgraded versions only).

Inside the safe, there is an electric outlet that powers up the electronic devices in the safe and the interior of the safe are flexible enough to be configured for long guns as well. There are pouches for keeping gun accessories inside the safe.

The interior is completely sewn in with a durable grey carpet. A quick look at the specifications reveal that it has:

  • A waterproof body that can withhold 2 ft. of standing water for up to 120 minutes.
  • A fireproof body that can withhold 1400°F of heat for up to 75 minutes.
  • A built-in electrical socket

Weight 570 lbs.
Internal Dimensions26. 5×18.75×55.75”
External Dimensions29.25×25.5×59”
Interior Volume16.24 cu. ft.

Engineered to protect against heavy fire and standing waters, the Sentinel 40 Gun Safe offers versatile features. The 75 minutes, 1400
fireproof rating and 72 hours long, 2 ft. deep waterproof rating ensures the safety of your valuable products. The said safe comes with three optional secure locking mechanism:

Product Details

  • A biometric fingerprint lock
  • A Three number dial combination lock
  • A backlit electronic lock
Moving the brushed nickel handle engages solid-steel locking bolts that combine with three deadbolts, secure the door on all four sides from prying theft. It has three adjustable barrel rests and five adjustable shelves, allowing configurations to suit your needs. There are spacious barrel rests for maximum gun capacity. The barrel is U-shaped that makes the access easy.

The safe also includes a factory installed grey carpeted interior, with sewn in pouches and holsters for gun accessories. The safe has an electric inlet installed to power up the lighting kit, anti-humidity set and other electric kits.

Prominent Features
  • Verified by ISO, it has fire tolerance of 1400℉ for up to 75 minutes
  • Verified by ISO, it has a water resistance of 2 ft. deep standing water for up to 120 minutes
  • Built in electronic socket
  • Hardened steel keeps safe from drilling
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a four-way locking mechanism, with seven 1.5 inches strong-held locking bolts and a set of three 1 inch dead bolts for a total of 10 locking points
  • Has an adjustable interior that has three adjustable-position barrels and five Adjustable-position shelves and a door organizer with factory sewn gun holsters, pouches, and Molle compatible storage.

The bottom line is that Stack-on Sentinel 40 Gun Safe is a budget friendly storage solution out of many Stack-on storage safe. The main thing that makes Stack-on a successful competitor is a balance that they keep between price and performance while keeping the durability intact. It is evident that stack-on storage solution is the most suitable but this particular series is an all-in-one package for all your gun storage requirements.

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